My name is Thomas and I have been studying Galatians since 1998. I hope that we can support one another in this. 🙂

I first intensively studied Galatians in 1999 with Tony Cummins, then of Ambrose Seminary, now of Trinity Western University. I then attended Regent College were I took Advanced Exegesis with Gordon Fee and our focus was on…that’s right, Galatians. It was good timing because he was writing his Galatians commentary for the Pentecostal series and also working on the translation of Galatians for the TNIV. I then took two specialised studies on Galatians with Sven Soderlund, also of Regent College. I had intended to write my thesis on Galatians 3 but with Fee’s retirement and then my moving overseas followed by Soderlund’s retirement it never happened.

I think every biblical studies student/scholar should focus on at least one thing and I cannot think of anything better than Galatians. I have continued to keep up with the latest literature and try to post everything of interest to you on this blog. If there is anything I have missed please drop me a comment.

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  1. I agree that Galatians is wonderful. I try to keep pace of on the literature but as a busy Baptist pastor in the UK, I struggle to keep up! Glad to find your blog. I’ll keep dropping by.

    • Hi Simon, I try to post on new literature as it is released. If you see anything on your side of the pond that you think I will miss let me know.

  2. Thomas, I’m a pastor who will be preaching on Galatians in January & then after that we will be going thru Ephesians. Do you have any suggestions for study and commentaries (online as well) for Ephesians………we will also be going thru Philippians then Colossians.
    Glad I found your web site. I do have Logos 4


    • Hi Mike,
      If you are interested in Ephesians I would recommend you check out evepheso.wordpress.com which is the blog of a Logos man also named Mike!

  3. Hi Thomas,

    if you are interested in a messianic commentary on galatians you have to read this one by D. Thomas Lancaster:



  4. Thomas;

    Thank you for posting my recent article for consideration to your readers. It is very considerate of you. Blessings. Monte Shanks

    • You’re welcome. BTW if you would be so kind as to email me a copy of your article I would appreciate it as I don’t currently have access to BibSac. Just leave a comment and include your email address and I will get in touch with you. Thanks!

  5. Hi Thomas,
    You mentioned if there is anything new on Galatians to drop you a comment…
    My work show that Galatians was written in the same format as the parable of the prodigal son. It’s a collection of seamlessly written “parables”…

  6. Hi,

    Do you have an a way of telling if Paul was the first to evangelize the Galatians?



  7. I was wondering whether you could point me to scholarship focusing on the problem of the Jerusalem Apostles in Acts 11 acting as if Gentile salvation is this shocking theological development they never anticipated until Peter told them his vision-story, when in fact according to the gospels, Jesus surely must have had Gentile followers prior to this Acts 11 incident. The same problem with Acts 15, how could there possibly have been a Gentile-circumcision controversy years after Jesus died, when Jesus’ prior 3 year ministry included male Gentile-followers, and therefore whether they need to be circumcised or not would already have been answered in an authoritative way. Yet nobody in Acts 15 appeals to what Jesus said, to resolve the Judaizer controversy! So far, I’m tempted to go the way of Earl Doherty, and argue that these theological problems were never resolved by appeal to what Jesus said, despite relevancy, because there was no Jesus-tradition at the time answering those things in the first place, so that Acts is giving us a glimpse of how things really were in the beginning, making the Gentile-friendly attribute of Jesus in the gospels appear to be a fiction.

  8. Thomas, just came across this blog and had a question: do you know why the HCSB places “I have been crucified with Christ” in 2:19 as opposed to other translations? Thanks!

    • That’s a very good question. Their footnote merely states “Other textual traditions place I have been crucified with Christ in v. 20.” There were no verse numbers in the original of course so it would be interesting to know what textual tradition HCSB is following as the UBS/NA Greek Bibles both place it in v20. I see that the Vulgate includes it in v19 but I would not have expected them to follow that tradition. Luther also followed that convention so perhaps it hearkens back to the early Anabaptists. Ultimately you’d need to ask someone on the translation committee to get an official answer.

  9. Hi Thomas, I asked this question previously but may have done so on a page you don’t currently look at on a regular basis. I’m going to be talking to about 40 preachers on the subject of Galatians later this month. I’ll be handing out an outline to accompany my presentation. I’d like to include your bibliography on the “faith of Christ” passages in Paul, with credit to your blog, in my outline. Would that be alright?

    • I hope you went ahead and included the bibliography. Sorry for not replying sooner but I’ve been out of the country and wasn’t able to access WordPress for quite some time. If anyone else is interested you have my permission to distribute the bibliography with attribution and for non-commercial purposes.

  10. Hi, Thomas. Have you ever come across anyone who (A) suggests Titus carried Paul’s letter to the Galatians? Or anyone who (B) otherwise explains how on earth the Galatians are supposed to know who the heck Titus is? Thanks in advance…

    • I’m not aware of anyone who suggests that Titus delivered this epistle. There’s no evidence for it either way so anyone can guess though. There’s not much on Titus with relation to Galatians, certainly not recently. Here are a few articles that have been referenced in commentaries on Galatians:

      Bruce, A. B. “Was Titus Circumcized?” Expositor. 1:2 (1880): 201-205.

      Edmundson, George. “The Enigma of Titus.” Expositor. 8:11 (1916): 321-334.

      Click to access s8expositor11londuoft.pdf

      Robinson, Donald W. B. “The Circumcision of Titus, and Paul’s ‘Liberty’” Australian Biblical Review. 12 (1964): 24-42.

      Walker, William O. “The Timothy-Titus Problem Reconsidered.” Expository Times. 92:8 (1981): 231-235.

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