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Galatians 2:12 and Peter

The every vigilent Richard Fellows has noted that Carlson’s dissertation has bolstered his argument for the timeline of events with relation to Galatians 2:12. Check out his post and see what you think. The reading ἦλθεν is attested to by P46 01 03. However, NA28 won’t see any change by the look of it so most translations will stick with ηλθον “they.”

The Letter to the Galatians in Medieval Tradition reviews

Levy, Ian Christopher, trans, ed. The Letter to the Galatians. (Medieval Bible Commentary) Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2011. 0802822231, 9780802822239.

There are two reviews available of this book from Ian J. Elmer and Akio Ito.

Both reviews are quite positive and as this is the first book in this series it bodes well for future volumes to be useful as well.

Jeremy Punt on Fraternity in Paul

Punt, Jeremy. “He is heavy…he is my brother. Unravelling Fraternity in Paul (Galatians).” Neotestamentica. 46:1 (2012): 153-171.

An abstract can be read here:

Galatians 2:16 on Monday with Mounce

Last Monday’s with Mounce post answers the question, “I am curious why Gal 2:16; 3:22, and Rom 3:22, 26, are translated as ‘faith in Christ’ when the genitive case is used.” We don’t really receive a definitive answer to the subjective/objective genitive controversy but we do learn that:

Part of translation is realizing that your task is to say the same thing in one language that is said in another; the nice, neat divisions we often create in first year Greek don’t ways let us do this. The genitive does not always mean “of,” and the dative does not always mean “in.” What you have to do is look at the deeper grammatical data, see what is said in one language, and try to say the same thing in the other language.