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OT Blessings and Galatians

Lena Tontchev, “Dem Segen auf der Spur: drei alttestamentliche Segenstheologien und ihre Aufnahme in Galater 3.” Theologisches Gespräch. 34:3 (2010): 107-124.


Carlson on Errata for Swanson’s Collation of 1424 in Galatians

Stephen C. Carlson has posted again in his quest to examine all the manuscript evidence for Galatians. Check it out.

Peter Head has provided a complete list of Carlson’s posts so far so I won’t repeat it here.

Richard Fellows on Chronolgoy and South Galatia

Richard Fellows has a couple of recent posts that might be of interest:

Chronology of Paul’s collection from Galatia


Paul wrote to South Galatia: some new arguments