Monthly Archives: October 2009

EThOS update

If you are not familiar with EThOS it is a British service providing dissertations from a number of institutions. When I first heard about it in March I requested copies of all the listed dissertations on Galatians. Unfortunately, I was notified today that one of them will not be available because the university has run out of funding for digitising dissertations. For the low low price of £40 I can still order it but the days of free seem to be over for at least one school. If you are interested feel free to drop some money on this one:

Ciampa, Roy E.What Does the Scripture Say?: An Analysis of the Presence and Function of Scripture in Galatians 1-2. PhD; University of Aberdeen, 1996.

Bruce Hansen’s dissertation online

I noticed today that Bruce Hansen’s dissertation from St. Andrews is available online for download.

Bruce Hansen, “All of You Are One”: The Social Vision of Gal 3:28, 1 Cor 12:13 and Col 3:11.” PhD; University of St. Andrews, 2007.

Suffering and Apostolic Authority

There is an article in the latest issue of Svensk exegetisk årsbok regarding Paul defending his apostolic authority based on his suffering:

James A. Kelhoffer, “Suffering as Defense of Paul’s Apostolic Authority in Galatians and 2 Corinthians 11.” Svensk exegetisk årsbok. 74 (2009): 127-143.

This was previously presented in Sweden at a seminar in April: Dr. James Kelhoffer gave an invited lecture on “Suffering as Defense of Paul’s Apostolic Authority in Galatians and 2 Corinthians 11” in the Exegetiska storseminariet i Nya Testamentet (Advanced Exegetical Seminar in New Testament) at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden on April 23, 2009.


Phillip J. Long on Galatians and Acts

Phillip J. Long has recently had several relevant posts considering the question of the relationship between Acts 15 and Galatians. You can check them out on his Reading Acts blog.

In chronological order:
Issues at the Jerusalem Council: Circumcision – not surprisingly he concludes: “this survey indicates that the practice of circumcision was one of the most important issues to Jews of the first century.”

Acts 15: Who were the Judaizers? – he believes there were Jewish Christians, likely Pharisees.

Dating Galatians – Before or after Acts 15 – he believes that Galatians is prior to the conference.

Today saw him post on Galatians 5:17 and Legalism.