Faith(fulness) in/of Christ Bibliography

============Due to the popularity of this topic and its continued discussion I am posting my bibliography on the subject below. This page will now remain static. If you wish an updated version please visit Scribd and download the pdf file from there. Thanks! I haven’t had time to label all of the articles as supporting the objective or subjective view yet so my apologies. Final blog update on April 6, 2010. Current Scribd version July 13, 2010.============

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The problem revolves around how to interpret and translate the genitive. Is Christ, the object toward whom faith is directed “faith in Christ” [objective genitive] or the subject who experiences that faith “the faith(fulness) of Christ” [subjective genitive]?

Objective genitive = faith in Christ
Subjective genitive=faith(fulness) of Christ

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Click to access Campbell_Faithfulness_of_Jesus_Christ.pdf

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Click to access LTR_XII.pdf

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$5 at

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Available from

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Click to access justfaithofchrist.pdf

Click to access sym2004just.pdf

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Click to access JGRChJ5-3_Lee.pdf

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  1. Excellent list, thanks for posting this. It is a real help.

  2. Big thanks to you!

  3. I hope you don’t mind I re-post (with credit to you) the list on my blog:

    • I’m glad that you included the link so that people can come back and view an updated version (when available). Thankfully, I just updated it yesterday before you copied it, so it is current. I have created an individual page so that it can be kept current and people can find it easily. Thanks for asking and yes it’s okay, but keep in mind that not every blogger will appreciate your copying rather than linking.

  4. Thanks. I am at Theological College studying Galatians in Second year Greek. Last Year when studying Jesus’ Baptism in Matthew I started to wrestle with this very challenge about the use of the genitive with πιστις. this continued this year in Galatians.I look forward to reading some of your references in the future.

    • It’s good to meet you Annette. Welcome to the world of Galatians! I hope you enjoy studying this epistle? Which college are you at? Keep working hard on your Greek, it will come in handy in the long run even if it is a slog (unless you are one of those language lovers who find it easy).

  5. Thank God for you! I am writing my Senior research paper on the subject Pistis Christou and this will help me immensely.
    Thanks again.

  6. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  7. Thomas: I’m not sure if this fits the theme of this page because it’s not Pauline, but you might consider adding:

    Still, Todd D. “Christos as Pistos: The Faith(fulness) of Jesus in the Epistle to the Hebrews.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 69.4 (2007): 746-55.

    • Thanks Nick! I do call it the Faith(fulness) in/of Christ Bibliography without limiting it to Pauline literature so I have added that article. I hope it helps others regardless of their area of research.

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  9. Here is another article, I have not read it yet but I am almost absolutely certain that it is in support of the subjective genitive reading.

    Choi, Hung-Sik. “Pistis in Galatians 5:5-6: Neglected Evidence for the Faithfulness of Christ.” Journal of Biblical Literature 124/3 (2005): 467-490.

    • Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Ironically, because it is specifically about Galatians it didn’t make my Pistis Christou section. :(. It is certainly in support of the subjective reading and interacts extensively with the secondary literature. A must read for Galatians.

  10. Here is another article:

    Dunnill, John. “Saved by Whose Faith? – The Function of πιστις χριστου in Pauline Theology.” Colloquium 30/1 (1998): 3-25.

  11. I am not sure about the copyright laws but if anyone has the three article by G. Howard in PDF format would you be willing to e-mail them to me. I was unable to find them at my university’s library.

    My e-mail is xxxxxxxxxx

    • Bryce, You should be able to download the two journal articles from your school library through ATLAS and Sage online.

      • I have access to “On the ‘Faith of Christ'” through ATLAS but LCU does not have a subscription to Sage, but it apparently is suppose to have Exp. Times in hard copy form.

        Thank you for the help.

      • I’m glad to hear that it worked out for you. Sometimes Sage has a free access period but usually only includes articles going back to 1999. I’ll try to remember to post on it next time it happens.

      • I was able to get the Expository Times article through ILL.

        Thanks again for posting this great bibliography.

      • You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help and thanks for your contributions. BTW, I deleted your email address from your request post so that you don’t get spam.

      • Thanks, I appreciate it.

        Just out of curiosity (I haven’t looked yet) but is this bibliography on either the New Testament Gateway website ( or on The Paul Page ( I think this bibliography would make a great addition to both those sites.

      • I’m not sure but I don’t think this bibliography is linked to anywhere else. It does show up on the first page when you Google pistis christou bibliography but not on Bing.

  12. Thomas, I know I comment on here a lot but I was wondering if you had any specific examples of scholars who have changed positions and then written on why they changed? I think I have about half of the articles and a few of the books listed above but from what I have read so far I have yet to read about a scholar changing from “objectivists” to “subjectivist” (I credit Mark A. Seifrid with these terms) or vice versa.

    Any input is appreciate and thanks again.

    • I’m not aware of anyone publishing on one side of the argument and then subsequently changing their position and publishing on the other side. That doesn’t really help you I guess but it’s the best I can do.

  13. Pollard, Paul. “The ‘Faith of Christ’ in Current Discussion.” Concordia Journal (July 1997): 213-228.

  14. Just ran across this one:

    Thomas Stegman, “Επιστευσα διο ελαλησα (2 Corinthians 4:13): Paul’s Christological Reading of Psalm 115:1a LXX”, CBQ 69 (2007): 725-45.

    Campbell references it in his article that was published by Bird and Sprinkle.

    • Thanks Bryce, you’re the man! I have added it to the bibliography. Specifically he wrote this article to interact with Hays and see his conclusion as adding strength to the argument for understanding it as the subjective genitive.

  15. Dunnills article “Saved by Whose Faith?” is available here.

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  17. Angel Tabarés

    There is a book of Urs Von Balthasar tha I read in french: La foi du Christ. The original is in german. That eist in english? Is very interesting and sepeaks about this subject.
    Thank You!

  18. YongTaek Jeong

    Thank you.^^

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  20. Thomas, I’d like to include your bibliography (with credit to you of course, and a link to your blog) in an outline that will accompany a presentation on Galatians that I’ll be giving to about 40 preachers this month. Please let me know if that would be alright, and if it is, could you send me your full name please?

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