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Susan Eastman on Israel in Galatians 6:16

Susan Grove Eastman, “Israel and the Mercy of God: A Re-reading of Galatians 6.16 and Romans 9-11.” New Testament Studies. 56:3 (2010): 367-395.

Eastman argues that in Galatians 6:16 and Romans 9-11 “Israel” refers to the Jews. You can read a short abstract of this article online.

This article is an expansion of her recent essay on this same topic:

Susan Grove Eastman, “Israel and Divine Mercy in Galatians and Romans.” In, Between Gospel and Election: Explorations in the Interpretation of Romans 9–11. Edited by Florian Wilk and J. Ross Wagner with the assistance of Frank Schleritt. WUNT. Tübingen: J. C. B. Möhr, 2010. ?-?.

Early Christianity inaugral issue online

The following article is available online in the first issue of Early Christianity.

Matthias Konradt, “Die Christonomie der Freiheit. Zu Paulus’ Entfaltung seines ethischen Ansatzes in Gal 5,13-6,10.” Early Christianity. 1:1 (2010): 60-81.

Obviously it is not in English but there is an English abstract and if you are interested you can cut and paste it into Google translator.

Galatians this week (so far)

It is a busy week in Galatians blogging so I thought I had better post a list before I’m overwhelmed.

Mark Goodacre reports that the Biblidex project has posted a video for Galatians.

Steve Runge has posted thrice on textual variation in Galatians 1:8. His emphasis is on how discourse grammar would interpret the variant readings. Post 1, Post 2, Post 3.

Ardel Caneday has a new blog, ἐξήγησις, exegesis for Greek readers, and has posted on “ἄνθρωπος ἐξ ἔργων νόμου in Galatians 2:16; a man from the works of the law in Galatians 2:16?” and “οἱ ἐκ πίστεως = οἱ πιστεύοντες in Galatians 3? those of faith(fulness) = those who believe in Galatians 3?”

If that doesn’t keep you busy for a while you have too much spare time on your hands!

Adam Gregerman, The Lack of Evidence for a Jewish Christian Countermission in Galatia

Online and ready for download is this article on Galatians:

Adam Gregerman,  “The Lack of Evidence for a Jewish Christian Countermission in Galatia.” Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations. 4:1 (2009): 24pp.

For those of you who missed it they also have:

Vincent M. Smiles, The Blessing of Israel and “the Curse of the Law”: A Study of Galatians 3:10-14.” Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations. 3:1 (2008): 17pp.

In you all nations will be blessed (Galatians 3:8b – Genesis 12:3b)

My Italian, or is it Latin, isn’t so hot but here’s an article on the relationship of Galatians 3:8b and Genesis 12:3b. Maybe someone can read it and let us know what it’s about or provide a link to an abstract.

Innocenzo Cardellini, “‘In te saranno benedette tutte le genti’ (Galati 3,8b – Genesi 12,3b).” Lateranum. 75:3 (2009): 589-596. [“‘In you all nations will be blessed’ (Galatians 3:8b – Genesis 12:3b)]