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Textual criticism of Galatians

The text of Galatians isn’t particularly interesting to textual critics as there are few meaningful issues with the text and nothing that serves as a “crux” that brings enjoyment in debating. However, this month over at Evangelical Textual Criticism there have been a few discussions:

Jan 12 HMWN in Gal 1.3: the problem of arguments from Pauline style
Jan 13 Resolving a mystery in NA26 & 27 at Gal 1.1
Jan 19 PERI/UPER in Gal 1.4

Check it out

Jussi Koivisto on Martin Luther’s Conception of fascinare

Koivisto, Jussi Kalervo. “Martin Luther’s Conception of fascinare (Gal. 3:1).” Biblical Interpretation. 19:4-5 (2011): 471-495.

The abstract is available online through a quick search.

Karl M. Schmidt on Galatians 4:19

Schmidt, Karl M. “Die Wehen des Völkerapostels: Gal 4,19 und die topographische Verankerung des Heidenapostolats innerhalb von Gal 1,13-2,14 und Gal 4,21-31.” Studien zum Neuen Testament und seiner Umwelt. 36 (2011): 111-156.