Monthly Archives: June 2012

Stephen Carlson’s dissertation now available for download

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Stephen Carlson’s dissertation is now available on DukeSpace. Hop on over to download it: I obviously haven’t had a chance to read it yet but the font looks very nice 🙂

James Dunn and Martin Meiser review Martinus de Boer’s commentary on Galatians

There are two reviews over at on Martinus de Boer’s New Testament Library volume on Galatians. Check them out here:

In a nutshell Dunn says that “The commentary has an excellent bibliography (16 pages) and very helpfully full indices (49 pages). I commend it heartily, and my disagreements simply mean that I will refer to
it all the more frequently as a first-rate dialogue partner”

Meiser’s review is in German and he is also impressed and says that “Insgesamt gilt jedoch: Martinus de Boer hat einen beachtenswerten Kommentar vorgelegt. Er schreibt im Vorwort selbst, dass er von zahlreichen anderen Kommentatoren profitiert habe (xi). Nun kann man von seinem Kommentar profitieren—und sei es, dass man Gegenpositionen wie zu Gal 3,10–24 doch noch einmal schärfer durchdenkt.”