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Galatians 2:12 and Peter

The every vigilent Richard Fellows has noted that Carlson’s dissertation has bolstered his argument for the timeline of events with relation to Galatians 2:12. Check out his post and see what you think. The reading ἦλθεν is attested to by P46 01 03. However, NA28 won’t see any change by the look of it so most translations will stick with ηλθον “they.”

Galatians in manuscript G

Stephen C. Carlson found several issues with Swanson’s collation of the G text of Galatians. He has come to the conclusion that “One of the biggest problems that Swanson had was that he did not recognize the use of sublineal and supralineal dots as indicating deletion.” Head on over for a look at what he found.

Stephen C. Carlson on Galatians 33 errata

Stephen C. Carlson has continued his helpful series of posts on Galatians, comparing manuscripts with Swanson’s collation. This time he has a look at cursive 33 and finds three corrections that need to be made. Surf on over for a look.

Carlson on Errata for Swanson’s Collation of 1424 in Galatians

Stephen C. Carlson has posted again in his quest to examine all the manuscript evidence for Galatians. Check it out.

Peter Head has provided a complete list of Carlson’s posts so far so I won’t repeat it here.

The Greek Text of Galatians

I just learned that Stephen C. Carlson is interested in Swanson and the text of Galatians because his dissertation is going to be on the text of Galatians and its history. In honour of his work, which will hopefully be available on DukeSpace in the not too distant future, here is a bibliography of some works related to the text of Galatians.

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More errata for Swanson’s collation

Stephen C. Carlson has continued his examination of Swanson and has some errata for his work regarding Codex D compared to Tischendorf. Carlson is obviously a busy man…or has too much time on his hands :).

A couple items of note

Stephen C. Carlson has compared Swanson’s collation with Codex Alexandrinus (A) and is quite impressed with the results. He notes only two minor issues one of which also concerns NA28.

Elsewhere Ken Schenck has continued his series on the faith of Jesus, discussing Romans and Galatians.