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St. Andrews Calls for Papers

Call for Papers
Paul’s Letter to the Galatians & Christian Theology
10-13 July 2012, St Andrews

Those with an interest in Galatians will be very interested by St. Andrews’ call for papers related to Paul’s Letter to the Galatians & Christian Theology. Surf on over for all the details. The official website is at St. Andrews. The keynote speakers are Richard Hays, N. T. Wright and Oliver O’Donovan so it promises to be an exciting fair.

They invite proposals for short papers that relate Galatians to Christian theology and culture, including:

* Galatians & Art
* Galatians & Christian Doctrine
* Galatians & Ethics
* Galatians & the History of Interpretation
* Galatians & Eschatology
* Jewish and Christian Readings of Galatians.