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Douglas A. Campbell on Galatians 5:11

The latest issue of NTS has an article by Campbell on Galatians 5:11

Douglas A. Campbell, “Galatians 5.11: Evidence of an Early Law-observant Mission by Paul?” New Testament Studies. 57:3 (2011): 325-347.

Campbell argues that Paul originally taught a “fully law-observant gospel” to Gentiles that included circumcision but later changed his mind and taught against that view. Personally I think this conclusion is untenable because the “offense of the cross” was always there but feel free to read his article and refute my ignorance!


Gentile Circumcision and Galatians

John M. Barclay, “Paul, the Gift and the Battle over Gentile Circumcision: Revisiting the Logic of Galatians.” Australian Biblical Review. 58 (2010): 36-56.

Phillip J. Long on Galatians and Acts

Phillip J. Long has recently had several relevant posts considering the question of the relationship between Acts 15 and Galatians. You can check them out on his Reading Acts blog.

In chronological order:
Issues at the Jerusalem Council: Circumcision – not surprisingly he concludes: “this survey indicates that the practice of circumcision was one of the most important issues to Jews of the first century.”

Acts 15: Who were the Judaizers? – he believes there were Jewish Christians, likely Pharisees.

Dating Galatians – Before or after Acts 15 – he believes that Galatians is prior to the conference.

Today saw him post on Galatians 5:17 and Legalism.