Mounce on Immediately in Galatians 1:16

This week’s Monday with Mounce looks at the word “immediately / εὐθέως” in Galatians 1:16. He argues that it can mean the same as εὐθύς; it doesn’t just mean immediately in the urgent sense but in the “sense of the next thing that was done.” As a consequence he believes the NLT rendering to be most accurate: “When this happened, I did not rush out to consult with any human being.”

This approach seems reasonable as he lists a number of other passages where this meaning would make sense. One aspect of semantic range that I haven’t seen commented on with regard to koine Greek is how location changes meaning. Perhaps we simply don’t have enough extant literature to come to any conclusions in this regard but it is certainly worth consideration. For example, in some locations (especially big cities) people are more time conscious and immediately means now! In other places time is more elastic and immediately could mean anything from an hour to a week. I guess the same applies to cable installers.

One other comment on his article in relation to “perishable.” I not sure I agree with his comment that pigs die rather than perish. Food perishes and pigs are valuable food. How many times have your heard food banks, etc. making an appeal for donations of non-perishable food?

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