Galatians 2:12 and Peter

The every vigilent Richard Fellows has noted that Carlson’s dissertation has bolstered his argument for the timeline of events with relation to Galatians 2:12. Check out his post and see what you think. The reading ἦλθεν is attested to by P46 01 03. However, NA28 won’t see any change by the look of it so most translations will stick with ηλθον “they.”


2 responses to “Galatians 2:12 and Peter

  1. Hmm. Galatians.
    Γαλατικός (G1054 Galatikos) in Greek.
    Root: Γαλα, Suffix: -τικός

    Suffix: -τικός the Greek meaning “characterized by”
    Root: Γαλα in Greek, גלה in Hebrew.

    גלה (Galah H1540) in Hebrew meaning ‘exile’.

    Galatians = ‘characterized by exile’, the Israel of God [Gal 6:16], elect exiles [1 Peter 1:1][James 1:1].

  2. Dragutin Matak has an interesting short paper on the Antioch incident here:
    Perhaps it is correct when it says that those in the church who urged circumcision did so to improve relations with zealous non-Christian Jews.

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