The Message began with Galatians

I recently finished reading Eugene Peterson’s Eat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading and was surprised to learn that The Message began when he was teaching Galatians to a Sunday school class (132ff). He was frustrated that people seemed more interested in the amount of sugar in their coffee than in the text. The first draft of Galatians began as an attempt to increase their interest in the process of Bible study. He also reveals that when he was young J.B. Phillips’ new translation deeply impacted him. I’ve read Peterson’s The Message but not Phillips’ translation, and I don’t expect to be authoring a paraphrase anytime soon!

Quote of the Day from Peterson:
“I am very conscious that I am in a vast company of translators—teachers in classrooms, pastors in pulpits, parents around the supper table, writers in languages all over the world, baptized Christians in workplaces and social gatherings past imagining—all of us at this same work, collaborating in translating the word of God, reading and then living this text, eating this book, and then getting these Scriptures into whatever language is heard and spoken on the street on which we live.”

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