David Urban on Rhetoric in Galatians

The inaugural issue of SEE-JNTS has an article on Galatians by David Urban. It is beginning to look like there is a trend for journals to include an article on Galatians in their initial issue. Let’s hope it continues while maintaining a high standard of scholarship on our favourite epistle!

David V. Urban, “The Rhetoric of Rebuke and Community-Shaping in Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians: An Aristotelian Analysis, with Jeremiah as an Alternative Interpretive Rubric.” Scandinavian Evangelical E-Journal for New Testament Studies. 1 (2010): 28-42.

Available online here.

One response to “David Urban on Rhetoric in Galatians

  1. I am beginning a multi-part review of Brigitte ‘Kahl’s new (2010) book, GALATIANS RE-IMAGINED and I invite you to take a look.

    Richard Baldwin Cook

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