Susan Eastman on Israel in Galatians 6:16

Susan Grove Eastman, “Israel and the Mercy of God: A Re-reading of Galatians 6.16 and Romans 9-11.” New Testament Studies. 56:3 (2010): 367-395.

Eastman argues that in Galatians 6:16 and Romans 9-11 “Israel” refers to the Jews. You can read a short abstract of this article online.

This article is an expansion of her recent essay on this same topic:

Susan Grove Eastman, “Israel and Divine Mercy in Galatians and Romans.” In, Between Gospel and Election: Explorations in the Interpretation of Romans 9–11. Edited by Florian Wilk and J. Ross Wagner with the assistance of Frank Schleritt. WUNT. Tübingen: J. C. B. Möhr, 2010. ?-?.


One response to “Susan Eastman on Israel in Galatians 6:16

  1. Concerning Galatians 6:16; “The Israel of God.”

    I think if we “connect the dots” it becomes clear the Galatians were expatriated Israelites and that’s why Paul addressed them in this manner.

    First Peter addressed the Galatians using the word “dispora” “Israelite resident in Gentile countries.” (Strongs, 1290) The word dispora could be used while addressing the Jews but not the words “Lo-ammi” and “Lo-ruhama” this were leveled against the ten-tribe northern kingdom. Therefore, the term “Israel of God” was addressing expatriated Israelites from the northern kingdom.

    The Galatians were expatriated Israelites living in a Gentile nation. Peter also confirmed that they fulfilled the prophecies recorded in the first chapter of Hosea that only the northern kingdom could fulfill, not Judah.

    If you consider the way Peter & Paul spoke to the Galatians it becomes obvious they were Israelites. Martin Luther admitted he couldn’t understand why Paul spoke to the Galatians as if they were once under the law of Moses. Luther’s observation was correct.


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