Much more on Galatians 2 and the agitators

As previously mentioned, Richard Fellows has written an interesting piece on Paul’s relationship to the Jerusalem leadership in which he argues that both sides supported Gentiles not having to be circumcised but this was misunderstood by the Galatian church. He has posted again in response to my desire to know how this would work considering that the agitators were “sent from James” who was a Jerusalem pillar. In this response he relies partly on Stephen Carlson’s argument that the textual variant at 2:12 should be read as “he came” rather than “they came” which Fellows argues “makes it probable that the men from James had arrived in Antioch before Paul’s visit to Jerusalem.” Loren Rosson III also wrote on this issue at that time although he arrives at a different conclusion.

Also read the current response of Rosson and Fellows recommends the summary of his argument by Steve of Undeception. I also see that Stephen Carlson has a post asking for input on the meaning of 2:11.

I think that’s enough reading for one day :). Enjoy!

2 responses to “Much more on Galatians 2 and the agitators

  1. Thomas, in case your readers haven’t realized: I think the men from James were different from the agitators. On this I am in agreement with most commentators.

    • Thanks for the clarification. Things have become complicated these days with all the positions on Paul (new/old), pistis Christou (of/in) and your own work on Timothy/Titus. It seems that new interpretations like yours require an entire series (e.g. Wright). 🙂

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