Busy week in Galatians blogging

I’ve been taking an intensive linguistics course this week and have barely been able to even keep up with all the posting on Galatians. When it rains it pours. For your edification here’s what’s being discussed.

Stephen C. Carlson writes on “Translating Σάρξ in Gal 3:3.”

Jason Staples replies on why “‘Flesh’ is not ‘Human effort’ in Gal 3:3.”

There has been a lot written on the flesh/Spirit contrast in Galatians but they both focus on 3:3.

Brian LePort takes a look at “Translating προεγράφη in Galatians 3.1.” LePort concludes his post with “Is it possible that Gal. 3.1 is some sort of reference to Jesus being portrayed from Scripture? What does Paul mean by being publicly portrayed?” After many replies he posted a second time…”Is προεγράφη in Galatians 3.1 a Reference to Drawing/Sketching the Crucifixion?”

LePort has obviously been busy studying Galatians 3 this week as he also posts on “An Oft Ignored Definition of the Gospel: Galatians 3.8.” Both posts have several comments from knowledgeable bloggers so they are worth checking out.

3 responses to “Busy week in Galatians blogging

  1. Thanks for mentioning my posts!

  2. I’ve appreciated the links to discussion of Galatians 3:3 that you’ve posted here. I wasn’t really aware of the controversy when I wrote my latest blog entry on the subject of religious legalism and that in my opinion the Apostle Paul uses great force in the book of Galatians to refute religious legalism. I did quote Galatians 3:3 in my post and I may have put myself in a pickle for some readers because it just so happens that my study Bible is an NIV. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind reviewing my arguments against legalism and see if there is anything that merits some revision or further explanation.

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