Tom Wright & James Dunn The New Perspective on Paul

Michael Bird drew my attention to a video on Youtube that features N.T. Wright and James D.G. Dunn discussing the NPP. Wright’s thoughts have particular relevance for readers of Galatians as he discusses the Qumran document 4QMMT. This is of interest because of its relationship to our understanding of “works of the law” in Galatians. Wright concludes that circumcision is not a debate over moralism in the same sense as “do not commit adultery” and encourages us to read Paul historically so we will come to a new understanding. His two articles on the subject are available online as you can see below.

Not surprisingly 4QMMT has been discussed at length by those comparing its thought on the works of the law with the expression in Paul.

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You may also want to check out Francis Watson’s paper “Constructing an Antithesis: Pauline and
other Perspectives on Divine and Human Agency” for the Colloquium on Divine and Human Agency in Paul and Early Judaism, Aberdeen, August 2004.

There are also a few other 4QMMT articles over on the Paul Page.

2 responses to “Tom Wright & James Dunn The New Perspective on Paul

  1. how can you have a blog named Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians, and not even mention Marcion (Markion) once? Seems rather odd to me since there are scholarly theories floating around about him being involved in the original collecting of the epistles, and since he placed the Galatian epistle first in his canon, etc.

    • Well Rey, there are a lot of things concerning Galatians that I haven’t mentioned even once but your comment will have to suffice for the one mention I have so far. I will try to make a commentary survey in the next week to see how many times Galatians commentaries refer to Marcion. I don’t think I’m too far off in my frequency because I haven’t discussed much textual work. Here’s a start: Burton: 7; Betz 43.

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