Antique Commentary Notes

I stumbled across Chuck Grantham’s Antique Commentary Notes on Galatians today. He has put a lot of work into pasting selections from Luther, Calvin, Gill, etc. Here is the link for his post on chapter five. He’s a “Southern Baptist of the Calvinist kind” so naturally his selected of material leans in that direction.

One response to “Antique Commentary Notes

  1. Thomas,

    Thanks for the link.

    Bible software makes scanning the old great commentators for illuminating tidbits easy and fun. I like posting the quotes because I’m never sure how many people in my denomination have been exposed to the old bible scholars, especially Luther and Calvin.

    As for my Calvinist leanings, I confess that of the five more modern commentaries I crib from for Sunday School notes, in Galatians at least, United Methodist Ben Witherington III’s “Grace in Galatia” has been by far the most illuminating. In fact he’s always good for a different point of view.

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