Gupta reviews Fee

feegalNijay Gupta has begun a review of Gordon Fee’s Galatians commentary in the Pentecostal series. So far he has just introduced it and provided a list of other commentaries that Fee worked with. I’m not sure if this is that helpful because Fee was very specific in advanced exegesis class that he alway worked through a passage, identified the issues, and attempted to solve them himsef before consulating other works. He admitted that this isn’t the only way to proceed as his son believed in reading up on the passage first and seeing what issues are being wrestled with by others before approaching the passage himself. I will let you know when Gupta continues this review.

Gordon D. Fee,  Galatians: A Pentecostal Commentary. Deo Publishing, 2007. 1905679025, 9781905679027.

June 19 Gupta has posted part two of his review in which he summarises many of Fee’s positions and looks at how he relates to the NPP. It is definitely worth reading and provides a good summary and interaction with Fee.


2 responses to “Gupta reviews Fee

  1. Thanks Thomas. I put Fee’s bibliography because, since it was so short, this was a chance to see who Fee ‘trusts’ in terms of the best go-to commentaries. Because of the brevity of the commentary, he had to be selective in terms of who he would interact with. It is good to know which dialogue partners he would choose – even if it is after he has done his exegesis.

  2. Nijay makes a good point. I look forward to when I can get this commentary.

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