NICNT & NICOT available for Logos Bible Software

Logos has done it again. The last major commentary series holdout has thrown in the towel and is being electronically published with Logos.

This includes Ronald Y. K. Fung’s Galatians volume. Unfortunately, this set only includes the current volumes so Ridderbos’ volume on Galatians is not included. Nor will it contain the forthcoming Galatians volume by David A. deSilva although that could be published before this electronic set is available, depending on their speed.

It is also unfortunate that at $1000 you are only saving four cents over the price for the two complete sets: CBD stock number WW92988. For Logos to call this a a “prepub” price with a “sale price” of $1,699.95 is ludicrous. That said, a lot of people have been waiting a long time for these two series to be made available so there will be a lot of celebrating as well as a lot of gnashing of teeth over the price.

4 responses to “NICNT & NICOT available for Logos Bible Software

  1. A minor mistake, should be Ronald Fung in stead of Robert.

  2. Unfortunately, Thomas, the publishers have a good amount of say in terms of pricing anyway…

    And the books were already available digitally – just not to “normal people.”

    • I never claimed to be normal! 🙂

      The publishers seem to think that electronic sales will cut into their paper sales judging from the price of the latest sets being offered. This may be true for individual volumes, but I don’t know too many people (or any actually) who buy whole sets of large series like ICC, Heremeneia, NICOT/NICNT, etc. Dan Pritchett commented on the Logos blog on May 29 that they only have a license to sell the series as a set and cannot sell individual volumes or even NT and OT sets. This is another great reason why $1000 should be a regular “sale” price (same as CBD) and not a prepub price.

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