Update on EThOS

It took more than ten days but EThOS today posted the first of the dissertations I requested. The following is now available for download.

Gilthvedt, Gary Earl. Dying ‘Through the Law to the Law’ (Gal 2.19). PhD; University of St Andrews, 1989.

This study focuses on Galatians 2:19, “For I through the law died unto the law, that I might live unto God,” as the juxtaposition of law and cross in Paul’s thinking. The law and the cross represent the “before and after” of Paul’s life. He concludes that the law brings death and that Paul viewed faith in Christ as the only “life-bringer.”


With reference to 3:19 he says, “[Paul] means that the law was added to the human situation for a purpose different from that of the promise” (235). His abstract stated that the law killed Christ so doesn’t that mean that the law was required for the promise to be fulfilled?

Concerning the issue of a mediator (Moses) and angels giving the law he says “Paul’s point seems not so much to be that of disparaging the origin of law by denying divine authorship, but rather to contrast its inferior nature to the direct gift and revelation of gospel-promise” (240).
The irony of this is that the gospel-promise is meditated to us through the NT authors. Is the gospel any more direct for us than the law was for first century Jews? They had Moses and messengers, we have the apostles and the thousands of scribes who copied out the manuscripts and the messengers who delivered it.

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