Exploring New Rhetorical Approaches to Galatians

The following volume is available online although the preface doesn’t seem to be a good link.

Exploring New Rhetorical Approaches to Galatians. Papers presented at an International Conference, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, March 13-14, 2006. Edited by Donald François Tolmie. Acta Theologica Supplementum, 9.

Tolmie, Donald François. “The Rhetorical Analysis of the Letter to the Galatians: 1995-2005.” 1-28.

Vos, Johan S. “Paul and Sophistic Rhetoric: A Perspective on His Argumentation in the Letter to the Galatians.” 29-52.

Mitternacht, Dieter. “A Structure of Persuasion in Galatians: Epistolary and Rhetorical Appeal in an Aural Setting.” 53-98.

Hietanen, Mika. “The Argumentation in Galatians.” 99-120.

Tsang, Sam. “‘Abba’ Revisited: Merging the Horizons of History and Rhetoric Through the New Rhetoric Structure for Metaphors.” 121-41.

Verster, Pieter. “The Implications of Non-Authentic Questions in Galatians.” 142-161.

Swart, Gerhardus Jacobus. “Reconstructing Rhetorical Strategies from the Text of Galatians—Syntax-Based Discourse Analysis as a Monitoring Device.” 162-173.

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