Faith of Jesus Christ

Paternoster has announced that the following book will be released in April. Hendrickson is releasing the North American edition and there is no word yet on when that might happen.

Michael F. Bird and Preston M. Sprinkle, The Faith of Jesus Christ: Exegetical, Biblical and Theological Studies. Carlisle: Paternoster, 2009. 9781842276419

This collection of essays began as a session by the same name at SBL 2007. At that session the following presentations were on the slate:

Michael Bird, “The Faith of Jesus Christ: Problems and Prospects.”

Stanley Porter, “Lexical and Semantic Reflections on Pistis.”

Douglas Campbell, “The Faithfulness of Jesus Christ in Romans and Galatians.”

Preston Sprinkle, “Pistis Christou as an Eschatological Event.”

Ardel Caneday, “The Faithfulness of Jesus as a Theme of Pauline Theology.”

Francis Watson, “The Faith of Jesus Christ.”

R. Barry Matlock, “The Faithfulness of Jesus Christ in Romans and Galatians.”

Mark Elliott, “The Faith of Jesus Christ in the Church Fathers.”

Benjamin Myers, “The Faithfulness of Christ in the Theology of Karl Barth.”

According to Paternoster the following authors have contributed to this collection of essays: Francis Watson, Douglas Campbell, Stanley Porter, David DeSilva, Paul Foster, Richard Bell, Joel Willitts, Mark Seifrid, Barry Matlock, Michael Bird, Andrew Pitts, Mark Elliott, Ardel Caneday, Peter Bolt, Bruce Lowe, Bill Salier, Debbie Hunn, Ben Myers, and Preston Sprinkle. I expect those present at the SBL session will provide slightly modified essays while others have been asked to join the discussion.


2 responses to “Faith of Jesus Christ

  1. I’m looking forward to this as well. It’s a key debate for grasping Galatians and I don’t think it’s had the weight of investigation it deserves. Sigve Tonstad has written a good review piece on the whole area in AUSS 40. 1 2002 p37-59

    • I just posted my full bibliography regarding the genitive debate. It’s something of an ongoing project but I felt I might as well post it now as wait until it’s finished. It’s a separate page and can be clicked on at the top. Enjoy.

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