An Exegetical Summary of Galatians, 2nd ed

SIL has republished their Exegetical Summary series in a new, 2nd edition. Galatians was released last month but is so far only available directly from the publisher or from Eisenbrauns.

Robert Stutzman, An Exegetical Summary of Galatians. 2nd ed. Dallas: SIL International, 2008. 1556712014, 9781556712012.

There has been no word on whether Logos Bible Software will produce this new edition or the original 2006 work in their digital collection of this series.

4 responses to “An Exegetical Summary of Galatians, 2nd ed

  1. As far as I know, this is less a second edition and more of a reprinting, though I cannot say for sure since I haven’t seen a physical copy yet.

    • Eisenbrauns is advertising it as “a completely new set.” I wondered about that myself and have emailed Phil Gons at Logos asking which edition they are producing and will post the reply when I receive it.

  2. SIL told me that it was a new edition. I haven’t seen them myself, either yet.


    • Thanks for the update James. I guess we will all have to wait and see. Please let us know how new this edition is. I imagine the older volumes could be quite updated but Galatians was only published two years ago so I don’t imagine it has changed too much unless there was a major deficiency with the first edition, which unfortunately I do not own so I can’t check. :((((

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