Two new Galatians releases for Logos

Today Logos put the Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament on prepublication. This includes the Galatians commentary of Edgar Krentz. This is quite a short commentary, combined as it is with commentaries on three other biblical books written by two other authors.

Edgar Krentz, Galatians in Galatians; Philippians, Philemon; 1 Thessalonians. Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 1985.

Logos also released a collection of SIL exegetical summaries which includes a volume on Galatians by Robert Stutzman. This is an interesting series which presents exegetical summaries taken from numerous commentaries. It provides a way to gain a quick overview of how various commentaries have concluded their exegetical work. This looks like a very valuable resource for those who own a lot of commentaries in Logos because they can look up the passage in SIL and then open up their commentaries for more detailed information.

Robert Stutzman, Exegetical Summary of Galatians. Exegetical Summaries; 22. Dallas: SIL International, 2006.

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